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What Has These Celebs Screaming? – 6 Odd Celebrity Phobias

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billy bob thorton and antique furniture

Billy Bob Thornton – Antique Furniture

He will wear a locket of his lover’s blood around his neck (as he did while dating ex-girlfriend Angelina Jolie), but don’t dare put him in a room with a big, dusty antique chair!  Film industry man, Billy Bob Thornton, is creeped out by antique furniture, specifically Louis XIV era furniture with gold-carved wood and velvet cushions.

nicole kidman and butterflies

Nicole Kidman – Butterflies

Australian actress Nicole Kidman is terrified of butterflies.  She has tried to overcome the fear by walking through butterfly cages, but freaks out at the sight and feel of them.  The fear manifested itself in her youth, when she would climb over her parent’s fence to avoid the large butterflies sitting on the front gate.

adele and seagulls

Adele – Seagulls

Adele has a phobia of seagulls and for a good reason.  When she was nine, she was walking around the fishing town of Tenby, eating ice cream, when a seagull swooped down and attacked her and stole the tasty treat.  Maybe she will write a power ballad about the experience.

nickie manaj and escalators

Nicki Minaj – Escalators

Nicki Minaj refused to go down an escalator at a sporting event in 2011, leading many to think she has a fear of them.  Her refusal may have been because she was wearing sky high heels, but Nicki better stick to the stairs to keep her large, famous buttocks in shape.

robert pattinson and horses

Robert Pattinson – Horses

You won’t find English gent Robert Pattinson playing the sport Polo.  The Twilight star has equinophobia – fear of horses.  Being knocked down by a fully grown stallion sparked Pattinson’s fear.

Kyra sedwick and talking food

Kyra Sedgwick – Fear of Talking Food

Closer actress Kyra Sedgwick has the most unusual phobia- fear of talking food.  She has to leave the room during commercials that feature talking food, and her husband Kevin Bacon even turned down a gig for an M&M’s commercial because of his wife’s fear.


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