Unusual Ways People Have Made Lots of Money $$$

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Before you start reading this article, think of the weirdest, most unusual ways of earning some cash. Are you done? Good. Now you’re ready. The content below describes some of the most unusual ways many individuals have employed in making money, lots of it. Read up and see if they match what you thought about. 


If you’re familiar with social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you’d have most likely come across a ton of angry/funny cat memes on your timeline. The cat in question is Tardar Sauce, famously known as the Grumpy Cat. She took the world of social media by storm when her pictures flooded the internet as memes, but that’s not all. According to reports, her owner Tabatha Bundesen earned figures running to almost a 100 million dollars from merchandising, movies, event appearances, and from a copyright infringement lawsuit worth more than $700,000. Ironically, the Grumpy Cat made millions of people smile all over the world, and her owner must be super happy for posting cat pictures on Reddit years ago. 


Getting paid for snuggling up to someone for hours is an unusual way of making money? No surprise there. It is estimated that professional snugglers/cuddlers could be earning as much as 40 grand per year. Earning 40G per annum for doing something as crazy as cuddling up with someone in bed for hours is a big steal, and every bit of it is real. If you check the internet, you will find different websites or platforms created by individuals or institutions that offer cuddling services in return money, and it doesn’t matter the time of the day for them; day or night- it is the same with them. 


If you wanted to get a pet, you’d probably think dogs, cats, birds, or even snakes right? Well, have you ever thought about having a pet rock? Pet rocks are small, smooth stones that come from Mexico’s Rosarito beach, and marketing genius Gary Dahl made millions of dollars by selling them to interested individuals. Pet rocks come with their own carrying case and breathing holes. The sale of these rocks skyrocketed for only a short period of time but Gary made the most of the transient popularity of his product and raked in over $10 million by selling them in the market. Crazy right? 


Many kids play with toys to have fun and keep themselves occupied, but not Ryan. 5 year-old YouTube juggernaut Ryan Kaji came into the spotlight in 2015 when his mom created a YouTube channel, and published a few videos of Ryan unboxing and playing with toys. The views on the first few videos were quite low, but after a while, millions of people, mostly kids, started watching his videos. Within months, Ryan’s channel gathered millions of views making Ryan the most popular kid on YouTube. Reports claim that Ryan has made about $120 million from reviewing toys on YouTube, and he is currently one of the highest earners on the platform. 


Decades ago, video games were mainly for kids, and it was just a fun thing to do with friends. But times have changed. Playing video games is now a way to make some cool cash if you’ve got the skills, and there are many ways to go about it. You now make some money by becoming a game tester for gaming companies, starting a YouTube gaming channel, competing in online tournaments and competitions, and becoming a game developer or a video game coach. It’s pretty simple to make money in the gaming world, but only if you’ve got the skills. 


PostSecret is a not-so-secret platform that publishes secrets from anonymous sources all over the world. The enterprise is quite an genius one, because who knew one could make millions of dollars by simply posting the secrets of other people online? Frank Warren probably knew, though, and that’s why he created a website for people to spill their deep dark secrets for the world to see. 


Here’s another weird pet that has gained some ground in the market, and is currently making profits in the millions. Chia pets are basically terracotta figurines that can be used to grow chia, a flowering mint plant. The figurines for chia pets range from puppies, to superhero characters such as Spiderman, Superman, and the Incredible Hulk. Since their introduction to the market in 1977, Chia pets have sold more than 500,000 units, making millions of dollars in the process. 


Photography has always been something of great value, and Brandon Staton, creator of photoblog Humans of New York is a living proof, however, the brand does a whole lot more. Humans of NY takes photos of strangers on the streets of New York and interviews them, urging them to tell their stories. With a huge following on social media, an internationally recognized photoblog, and a bestselling book, Brandon Staton is worth an estimated $13 million. Brandon wants the photoblog to serve as an interactive map of the mega city, and there’s no limit to the heights he could reach in the future. 


Hawaiian blogger Eric Nakagawa accidentally created a social media rave and trend when he posted an image of a short-haired British grey cat nicknamed HappyCat with the caption “I Can Has Cheezeburger?” His post caught fire, gathered a lot of attention to his website, and sent the internet on a frenzy. I Can Has Cheezeburger went on to become a blog on which Eric and his partner Kari Unebasami posted more funny macros and LOLcats, to increase its popularity. Eric’s website was later purchased for whopping $2 million in 2007, which is quite a large amount to earn for creating a website for cat memes. 


This might come as a shock to you but dogs have their own eye protection brand called Doggle- basically goggles for dogs. Doggles can serve as a fashion statement or eyesight protection, either way, dogs can now enjoy a human luxury. Doggles made $3 million in sales in 2015.


Mathew Carpenter, creator of made it possible for you to prank your “enemies” by sending glitter bombs to their mail. The website was later purchased for about $85,000 by Peter Boychuk and he has remained the CEO of the enterprise since then. People pay up to 15 dollars for a glitter bomb delivery, and the company has recorded thousands of such deliveries across the United States. 


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