The First Mobile Phone Call Ever was Hilarious

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The development and advancement of mobile phones over the years would not have been possible without Martin Cooper, an American engineer.

He had the idea of creating a mobile phone that individuals can own and have access to  wherever they were going and whenever they want. In 1954, Martin Cooper was the senior development engineer of the Motorola company, he became the head of the Motorola communications system around the 1970s, that was when he started developing the first cellular telephone. In 1972, Martin Cooper and his group started creating the first model of the mobile phone and within five months, they had created a typical handheld phone even though the mobile phone was heavy and about 10 inches long. The phone was known as ‘the brick ‘ or ‘the shoe’ due to it’s heavy appearance 

Motorola held a conference on April 3rd, 1973 to illustrate and represent their new mobile phone, but Martin Cooper had grander plans. He wanted to show them how effective the phone was as action speaks louder than words.

As he stood in front of the Hilton Hotel in New York City with a journalist and a photographer, he called his competitor Dr Joel S Engel who was in New Jersey at that time. He said “Hi Joe, it’s Martin. I’m calling you from a real handheld phone, a portable mobile phone” While he was being interviewed, he said that he could recall that there was silence at the other end of the line but he felt Dr Joe had smiled.

Cooper said that during the course of invention, the only thing he was worried about was if it was going to work, he was not thinking about how groundbreaking it truly would be.

Martin Cooper made history the day he made that phone call and from there handheld phones have evolved into a necessary part of everyday life. Cooper is blown away by the features of cell phones today, but all he needed back in 1973 was the satisfaction of ringing up his competition wire-free.


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