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Kitchen Tip #1 – The Difference a Knife Makes

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A good knife makes all the difference when chopping up veggies, fruit, meat etc.  It’s unbelievable how much easier it makes cooking!  Below are a few of my  favorite knifes at reasonable prices!


Victorinox Knife cutting


 Victorinox 4″ Serrated Paring Knife

Did you know Swiss Army makes cutlery too? They do and it is fantastic. The 4″ serrated paring knife is perfect for quickly cutting ingredients and it is only $10. If you pick just one good knife for your kitchen- This one should be it!


paring knife


 Wusthof Classic 2.5” Peeling Knife

This little 2.5″ Wusthof Classic Peeling Knife is great for fruit.  It can peel an apple faster than a standard peeler and can be used to create beautiful citrus twists for cocktails.


gordon ramsey knife


7” Gordon Ramsay Santoku Knife

If you prefer a larger knife, Gordon Ramsay Everyday Santoku Knife will suit you. Durable, sharp and only $24 including a bamboo board- get chopping!


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