Just Who are These Famous Commercial Actors?

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We’ve all seen their faces on television and laughed as their commercials tried to sell us things we probably didn’t need. But who are these people and what kind of lives do they lead when they’re not on camera? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular commercial faces and get to know them just a little bit better.

The Old Spice Guy

When Old Spice started showcasing this hot – but weird – actor in their ads, people started noticing. The actor typically appeared shirtless at some point and brought a sense of strangeness and humor to the odd commercials. He was played by Isaiah Mustafa, a football player who had most of his success in the NFL Europe league.

The GoDaddy Girl

Though GoDaddy features a lot of really attractive women in their ads, THE GoDaddy Girl was something special. This actress – who inspired so many domain name purchases – is named Rachelle Woods. Her biggest roles have been in shows like “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

The GoDaddy Nerd

In one of the most infamous Superbowl commercials ever, gorgeous super model Bar Rafeli kissed a rather nerdy guy for 10 long seconds. Nerds around the world rejoiced, but the actor was soon forgotten. Or was he? In fact, Jesse Heiman has had some success finding work as an actor, having appeared on “The Big Bang Theory” a handful of times.

The Orbit Gum Girl

Do you remember that gorgeous girl who used to sell Orbit gum until just a few years ago? This young actress is named Vanessa Branch, and you probably best remember her from “Pirates of the Caribbean” as “Giselle.” Good to see she’s stayed busy after her Orbit gig dried up.

Flo From Progressive Insurance

Few company mascots are as memorable – or hilarious – as Flo from Progressive. But did you know that Flo (actress Stephanie Courtney) has had a few bit parts in television shows and even a few good parts in movies like “Blades of Glory”? That distinctive face and voice sure have taken Courtney far.

The Magnum Ice Cream Girl

The gorgeous Rachel Bilson took on the heralded role as “The Magnum Ice Cream Girl” for years, standing out from the competition due to her beauty and style. These days, Bilson is mostly doing television shows, including past appearances in “Gossip Girl” and even a role in the feature film “New York, I Love You.”

The Human PC

During the “Get a Mac” advertising campaign of 2006 to 2010, a hapless human personification of a PC was used to showcase how cool and edgy Macs were by comparison. This actor was John Hodgman, a now well-known author, actor, and comedian who has had appearances on “The Daily Show” and in “Tone Perfect 2.”

The Most Interesting Guy In The World

Is the Dos Equis really all that interesting to most people? He must be because his infamous commercial appearances have become the stuff of meme legend. This actor, Johnathan Goldsmith, is a veteran actor with roles in film and television starting in the 60s and lasting until the 90s. Since the debut of the Dos Equis commercial, Goldsmith has focused solely on this role.

The Pine-Sol Lady

This no-nonsense character showcased how well Pine-Sol worked on a variety of different floors. The actress who plays her, Diane Amos, has been in the role for over 20 years. She also tours as a stand up comedian and likes to integrate her famous commercial role into her routines.

The Snapple Lady

Older readers may remember the Snapple commercials from the 1990s and 2000s, in which a friendly woman played a receptionist for the Snapple organization. This actress, named Wendy Kaufman, hasn’t gone on to huge things, but has been on a few different VH1 shows and has had bit parts in similar television spots.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Anybody who remembers the cell phone wars of the 2000s knows exactly who this guy is and might have seen that he switched sides to Verizon’s competitor in more recent commercials. However, this – somewhat annoying – actor is Paul Marcarelli, and he now mostly makes his name as a producer and director of fairly independent films. Huh!

The Geico Caveman

Though their television show is probably best resigned to the dust of history, the Geico Caveman entertained millions of people with their hilarious commercials. The most famous of these cavemen was played by actor John Lehr. Without makeup, he has appeared on a multitude of television shows, including guest spots on “Jail Bait.”

The AT&T Guy

Do you remember the AT&T guy who argued with children about telephone service and who’s catchphrase was “it’s not that complicated”? Then, you may also recognize him on SNL as a full-time cast member. Beck Bennett took his brief 15-minutes of commercial fame and transformed it to a real and successful career.

AT&T’s Lily

AT&T’s other most famous spokesperson, saleswoman Lily, showcases both intelligent, wit, and real charisma during her short commercials. However, the actress who plays her – Milana Vayntrub – has years of experience as a comedian, including time with the Upright Citizens Brigade, and appearances in many other television shows.

The Fake 7UP Spokesman

Remember the infamous “Make 7UP Yours!” campaign during the late 1990s and early 2000s? They stared Orlando Jones, a hilarious comedian who has become a fixture on a broad variety of shows, including “Sleepy Hollow.” Jones is also a skilled voice actor who you’ve probably heard in a lot of kid’s shows or from his run on “Mad TV.”

The Allstate Spokesperson

Has a voice ever made you want to buy something just because it sounded so nice? Dennis Haysbert – THE voice of Allstate – may have caused many people to switch insurance based on his dulcet tones. Haysbert is perhaps the most successful actor on this list, as he’s been in successful movies like “Major League” and played the president on “24.”


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