Heartwarming Story Of Alex’s Rescue From The Streets

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Alex, a beautiful blue Weimaraner was found skinny and abandoned wandering the streets of New Orleans, LA. He was eating twigs and rocks for substance until he was rescued in October. He was near death when the Southern Animal Foundation began to care for him.

They were overcome with emotions when they picked up the emaciated dog and knew they needed to act fast to save Alex’s life. 

Alex was a little wary and shy at first, but eventually made his way out of the crate they transported him in.

During a full medical evaluation, they discovered the twigs and rocks in Alex’s stomach. Alex’s problems turned more dire when his stomach flipped and bloated requiring emergency surgery.

It was a risky surgery due to his heart worm diagnoses and being extremely underweight. As SAF said “This poor baby has been through hell and back,” Deanna from SAF said. “Emaciated and heavy heartworm positive made him a horrible surgical candidate, but it had to be done.”

Alex pulled through the surgery and started to participant in regular dog activities – like popular walks in the french quarter.

He gained his strength back slowly but surely and out came his more playful and talkative side. He was still in recovery when he moved into a loving foster home with two other Weimaraners.

Alex was enthusiastic to be in his new home and gained 10 pounds in the first 10 days. The road to recovery was looking shorter.

He got along lovingly with his new dog siblings and enjoyed sleeping with his foster mom in bed. He also dug into some fun toys and antler treats. He was a good match for this family.

Alex is now 80 pounds and he continues to get better everyday. He is so happy with his new comforts in life – a warm bed, food, love and toys. Things every dog deserves. To donate to good boys and girls like Alex go to


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