Cuisine Culture – Eating quirks from around the globe

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Discovering new food and indulging in different cultural dining habits is one of the greatest parts of traveling.  Click through to see the unique cuisine habits of seven countries.

england, cutting banana


The land of hearty pot pies and gravy soaked chips has a few dining quirks.

  • Perhaps one of the oddest, is eating a banana with a knife and fork.  A banana is the ultimate grab & go snack, so seeing it properly sectioned with a knife and fork can be giggle inducing, but it is a common practice in England.
  • Take note if you are dining with the royal family that whistling at the table is consider rude, so when Queen Elizabeth arrives, refrain from tooting out Lorde’s song.
  • Tea, tea, tea.  It is well known that the English love their strong tea.  When hosting Brits, make sure you have some at the ready.

portugal, never bring wine


The beautiful country of Portugal is famous for their Port wine.  So it is surprising that it’s considered an insult to bring a bottle of wine to the hostess of a dinner party.

Portugal is also known for serving dinner late.  Most restaurants don’t open until 7,  and one must ask for the bill when they are ready to depart.  Meals are a leisurely affair and can last well into the night.

Chinese manners


If you weren’t raised in China, then forget everything you know about manners.  In China it is considered a compliment to the chef to belch at the table.  After doing an earth-shattering belch, make sure to make a mess about the table– don’t leave it nice and neat.  However, do leave some food on the plate, this is how the host know that she/he provided enough to eat.

filling glass in france


Parisian are oh-so-chic!  Follow these dining rules in France to show off your sophisticated ways:

  • Never ask to split the bill.  Offer to pay the whole bill or wait until someone else offers.
  • Keep both hand visible when eating and turn off your phone (definitely don’t put your phone on the table!)
  • Had all the wine you can drink for the evening?  Leave the glass almost full or it will continue to be refilled.

usa table manners


In the land of the free, one will find people eating a variety of ways.  The below three rules usually hold true for most parts of the country.

  • Don’t reach over anyone’s plate.  Always ask for something to be pass, instead of grabbing it yourself.
  • Put your napkin on your lap.  This can be done as soon as you sit down.
  •  No elbows on the table.  Keep them airborne or tucked into your sides — Yes, even when eating chicken wings.

pasta, Italy


Pizza, pasta, cheese, just thinking of italian food gets one’s mouth-watering!  Learn the proper way to delight in this delicious culture.

  • Restrain from eating the bread on the table.  This is meant to be noshed with the meal, not before.
  • Don’t ask for extra cheese, especially for pizza
  • Twirl your pasta and use the side of the bowl for assistance (not a spoon)
  • Feeling fatigued?  Wait until after the meal to have a cup of coffee.  It is considered odd to have coffee before or during the meal.

slurping, manners, japan


Japan’s neatness level is quite the opposite of China’s.  Instead of making a mess of the table, Japanese will put lids back on dishes, return chopsticks to holders, and leave the table organized.  It is also important to keep an eye on other’s drinks, if they are getting low, fill them up- Never fill your own cup.  Enjoying the meal?  Let the chef know by slurping the food.




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