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This goes without saying, but regions such as continents, countries, states, and even cities have laws that keep the peace, ensure the safety of their citizens, and establish an organized community. Laws that kick against theft, infringement of rights, and dangerous driving all seem like normal rules that should be in place, but there are certain laws that can be quite unusual and unbelievable. However, no matter how strange or even funny these laws may seem, they are there for a reason, and being guilty of breaking any of them may attract heavy fines or even jail time. 

Here are some interesting laws from various regions across the globe that will get you rolling and make your jaws hit the ground:

Location: Switzerland

Law: Illegal to own just one Guinea Pig (must be two or more)

The Swiss government is known to have some pretty animal-friendly laws, but this one takes it up a notch. It is illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland. Yes, you read that right. It seems like a crazy thing to pass as a constitutional law, but the Swiss government sees guinea pigs as social animals. Meaning they need to interact with other members of their species or else they become unhappy and depressed. This is why the government made it compulsory to own more than one guinea pigs at a time to ensure that they are always in company of familiar species. 

Location: Arizona, USA

Law: Illegal to feed garbage to pigs without permission

Arizona is a region with some weird laws, and having to own a permit before feeding a pig your garbage is just one of many. Feeding pigs with garbage was commonplace in Arizona until an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in 2001. The outbreak was traced to pigs that were fed with illegal swill (kitchen) at the Burnside Farm, and the fact that it led to the premature killing of about 3 million animals propelled the government to take strict measures. Now, you have to obtain a permit and renew it every year to legally feed a pig with garbage. The only exception is for pig owners that raise pigs for personal use. 

Location: Singapore

Law: Illegal to chew gum

Singapore placed a ban on chewing gum in 1992, except for therapeutic or other oral care purposes. Although the law is not as strict as it used to be, it is still very much in place, and there are fines if found guilty. The reason behind the ban is simple- to maintain hygiene and create a clean environment. It is therefore no surprise that Singapore is regarded as one of the cleanest countries in the world. 

Location: Germany

Law: Illegal to run out of gas on the German Autobahn

The Autobahn is a Federal road in Germany that stretches about 8,000 miles, and although it is a free highway to ply at high speeds, there is one thing that can never happen to you on the Autobahn- to run out of gas. The road traffic regulations in Germany clearly state that it is illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn, and the guilty fine could be as high as €70 and 1 point on your license. The law is in place to prevent cases of road accidents due to stopping on such a highway where there are mostly no speed limits. 

Location: Montana, USA

Law: If you ride a horse to school, the principal is required to feed and give it pasture

There’s an age-old tradition and law that if a student arrives in school on horseback, the Principal of the school is mandated to walk the horse, give it water, and feed it. As you would expect, many students, usually in their final years, arrive at school on horses as a way of pranking their Principals. There’s no particular reason for this though, it’s just a social/customary tradition. 

Location: Kentucky, USA

Law: Illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket

You must be thinking “Why would anyone carry an ice cream cone in their back pockets?” Well, it must’ve been happening a lot in Kentucky before the enactment of a law against it. Apparently, people used to steal horses using ice cream cones in their back pockets. They would put ice cream in their back pockets and move close to the horse for it to see the ice cream or catch its scent, and then lure the horse away. The idea of stealing a full-grown horse is insane, but this is a really weird way to execute it. 

Location: Louisiana, USA

Law: You can be fined if you instruct a pizza delivery driver to send a pizza to a friend without the friend’s knowledge

We all love the idea of sending our loved ones surprise gifts, but you might want to reconsider doing that if you’re in the state of Louisiana. The criminal law of Louisiana states that you cannot place an order for goods or services, including pizza, to be delivered to another person without their prior knowledge. It is considered a form of harassment, and you can be fined as high as $500 or get 6 months in prison- just for ordering surprise pizza. 

Location: Arcadia, CA, USA

Law: Peacocks have the right of way when crossing the street

Peacocks in Arcadia, California have the absolute right of way when crossing any street or driveway. This means drivers have to wait for a group of peafowl to cross the road before they can drive ahead, and people have to be tolerant of them on the streets. The reason for creating such a law is quite unknown but it lies in the need to protect peacocks in the region. 

Location: Ohio, USA

Law: Illegal to get a fish drunk

Drunk fishes? Those are definitely not common and the state of Ohio ensures that they are far more uncommon with the law against getting fishes drunk. There isn’t much to say concerning the reasons for creating the law, but many sources claim that it is an attempt to protect fishes and other aquatic life from fermented agricultural runoff. 

Location: Minnesota, USA

Law: Any contest in which participants try to capture a greased or oiled pig is illegal

Minnesota, the land of a 10,000 laws has some pretty strict rules against the ill-treatment of animals within its borders. A law in Minnesota states “No person shall operate, run or participate in a contest, game, or other like activity, in which a pig, greased, oiled or otherwise, is released and wherein the object is the capture of the pig.” The law is in place to protect the health of swine in the region. 

Location: Israel

Law: Raising pigs on Israeli soil is illegal

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the religious laws in Israel forbid the ingesting of pork. Pork meat is seen as filth, and the ban on raising pigs within Israeli borders is just a way of eliminating its source. 

Location: Mumbai, India

Law: No PDA

India is one of the most religious countries in the world, and one of their religious disciplines is sexual purity. Sexually holding your partner, or making out with them publicly is illegal and can land you in some serious trouble in Mumbai city, especially if the police spot it. The folks may not report the occurrence, but policemen will surely swing into action to break up the act. Getting caught engaging in public display of affection in Mumbai may attract some heavy fines or even jail time, so stick to rooms or private areas if you want to get all mushy with your partner. 

Location: Kennesaw, GA, USA

Law: The head of the household is supposed to own a gun

A law that mandates heads of households in Kennesaw, Georgia to own at least one firearm was passed in 1982 by the Kennesaw city council, and it is valid till this moment. The law was enacted as an attempt to reduce the rate of crime in the area and to protect the law abiding citizens from harm. 


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