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Who are these famous cocktails named after?

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Ever wonder why and how your favorite cocktail got it’s name? Check out these five famous cocktails and the history behind their names.

Bobby Burns Cocktail, Scottish Poet

Bobby Burns


2-oz. Scotch Whiskey

3/4 –oz. Sweet Vermouth

½-oz. Benedictine

History:  The famous whiskey cocktail, Bobby Burns, was named for Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Most consider Robert Burns the national poet of Scotland and the pioneer of the Romantic Movement

Tom Harvey, Harvey Wallbanger, Cocktail and Surfer

Harvey Wallbanger


¾-oz. Vodka

1 ½-oz. orange juice

¼-oz. Galliano

Orange slice & cherry for garnish

History: This delicious drink’s name pays homage to a surfer in Manhattan Beach, California—Tom Harvey.   The creator of the drink, Donato “Duke” Antone, worked at Duke’s Blackwater Bar, an establishment that Harvey frequented.  Harvey wanted a twist on the screwdriver and Duke added Galliano.  After one too many, Harvey had trouble leaving the bar, smashing into several walls on his way out, hence the name – Harvey Wallbanger.

Winston Churchill, Churchill cocktail



1 ½-oz. Scotch

½-oz. Cointreau

½-oz. Sweet Vermouth

¼-oz. Fresh lime juice

History: Sir Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Nobel Peace Prize winner, writer, artist, and army officer, can add cocktail inspirer to his long list of accomplishments.  The Churchill scotch cocktail was created in his honor.  Winston Churchill suffered from depression which he called his “Black Dog”, during these times he would imbibe whiskey and soda and smoke a good cigar.

Rob Roy, Cocktail, Robert Roy MacGregor

Rob Roy


1 ½-oz. Scotch

¼-oz. Sweet Vermouth

Bitters to taste

Cherry for garnish

History: In 1894 the opera show, Rob Roy, premiered in New York City.  A bartender at the Waldorf Hotel created a drink in honor of the show.  The drink is the Scottish version of the Manhattan.  The opera was based on the story of Robert Roy MacGregor.  MacGregor is remembered as the Scottish version of Robin Hood and the cocktail’s red color refers to MacGregor’s red hair.

Bloody Mary, Queen Elizabeth

Bloody Mary


2-oz. Premium Vodka

4-oz. Tomato Juice

2 dashes Tabasco Sauce, celery salt, lemon wedge, lime wedge, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, paprika

History:  Queen Mary I of England ruled England and Ireland from 1553-1558.  She was given the lovely nickname, Bloody Mary because she had Protestants executed.  Although Queen Mary’s rule was unpopular, the cocktail named after her is very popular, especially among the hungover crowd on Sunday mornings.


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