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8 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot

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Akon, Grammys, Akon shot



American R&B singer/rapper, Akon alludes to trouble in many of his songs and albums, including Locked Up (his first single and initial claim to fame).  Danger hit close to home in 2005, when Akon took a bullet from a drive-by shooting that killed his manager, Robert Montanez.  Akon was shot in the shoulder and survived.

50-cent, Fifty Cent, Shot


50 cent

At 39 years old, 50 Cent is a wealthy and famous rapper and actor.  The road to fame wasn’t easy for 50 Cent and he has the scars to prove it.  50 Cent rose to fame in 2003 with his album Get Rich or Die Trying.  Just three years before 50 Cent released the album, he almost made good on the latter half of that album title.  In 2000, while 50 Cent was sitting in a friend’s car in Queens, NYC, he was shot at close range nine times.  He suffered wounds to his hand, arm, hip, chest, left cheek and both legs.   Miraculously, 50 Cent recovered 5 months later.

Peter Fonda, shot, Beatles


Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda is known for his wild partying and reputation as playing the bad boy.  His childhood contained a lot of excitement as well, including a near-death experience when he accidentally shot himself in the stomach on his 11th birthday.  Years later, Fonda mentioned the incident at a party with the Beatles, and it became the inspiration for the Beatles song “She Said, She Said” with a psychedelic chorus of “She said, I know what it’s like to be dead”.

bob marley, shot, reggae, jamaica


Bob Marley

Jamaican reggae artist, Bob Marley, had his world shaken at age 31.  He was chilling at his Hope Road home in Jamaica when an unidentified gunman arrived and opened fire.  Bob Marley, his wife Rita, and his manager Don Taylor all sustained bullet wounds.  Fortunately, they all survived.  The motive of the gunman is unclear, but many believe it was political.  Marley was schedule to perform at the “Smile Jamaica” concert organized by Prime Minister Michael Manley two days after the shooting.

kelly preston, shot, charlie sheen


Kelly Preston

American actress, Kelly Preston had her share of tumultuous relationships before she found married bliss with John Travolta.  Perhaps one of her scariest relationship moments occurred when she was accidentally shot in the arm by former fiancé Charlie Sheen’s gun in 1990.  Sheen’s revolver fell out of his dirty pants when Preston picked them up off the bathroom floor.  When the gun hit the floor, it fired a bullet, and shrapnel hit Kelly- Ouch!

Andy Warhol, Shot


Andy Warhol

A radical feminist gunned down American artist, Andy Warhol in 1968–the same year he created his iconic Campbell soup screen-print.  Fortunately, Warhol survived and continued to lead the Pop Art movement, but the shooting had a drastic effect on his life and work.  Warhol spent a long time in the hospital after the shooting, a place he loathed, and he was required to wear a surgical corset for the rest of his life

Vanilla Ice, Shot in youth


Vanilla Ice

American rapper, Vanilla Ice has led a wild life.  He has dated Madonna, competed in motocross, and even owns a pet wallaby.  Living a fast-paced life came with its share of near-death experiences.  Vanilla Ice has been shot in a street fight, stabbed five times, and survived a suicide attempt in 1994 when his friends revived him from a heroin overdose.  Luckily, Ice is still around to rock the mic like a vandal.

Isaiah Washington, shot


Isaiah Washington

Actor, Isaish Washington is no stranger to violence.  His father (and namesake) was murdered when he was 13.  On a separate occasion, Isaish was shot after “popping  my mouth to the wrong person…”.   Apparently, Washington didn’t learn to keep his mouth shut after this encounter. Loose lips have also gotten him in trouble in his professional life.  Washington was dismissed from the extremely popular show, Grey’s Anatomy after calling co-star T.R. Knight a faggot.


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