Amazing Things Cats Do And Why

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Cats are cute. Super cute. Even the seemingly weirdest of them like the Sphynx cat carries an aura of cuteness that just cannot be ignored. It is quite funny that many people are scared of cats because of their sometimes strange actions, but if they understood the reasons behind them, they’d realize that cats aren’t evil supernatural vermin sent to take over the world. Anyway, if you’re a cat owner with questions about the weird things your cat does, or you just want to learn more about these wonderful creatures, this article is for you. So, welcome to this enlightening ride, we hope you have fun!


Catnips absolutely have nothing to do with cats except for the fact that they get them high. Catnip is a perennial herb that triggers the feline happy receptors also known as pheromones, thereby making cats ecstatic and euphoric when they smell them. Think of it like marijuana for humans. The effects can be seen in way your cat purrs, jumps, meow, and growl. Your cat has an obsession with catnip because it makes him/her very happy!


Cats are predatory animals, but unlike the lions, tigers, and jaguars in the wild, your household cat is quite domesticated. However, its predatory instincts may kick in once in a while in the form of scratching on rugs, walls, and any other suitable surface. The reason is because cats have scent glands on their paws which release certain chemicals when they scratch on surfaces. It is a way of marking their territory because they leave a scent of themselves, thereby warning other animals of their presence. 


Cats are one of the stealthiest animals on the planet, and that is why the big cats are the most dangerous predators you’ll ever come across on land. Cats go into stealth mode by placing their paw directly in the print of a corresponding forepaw to minimize noise and also to eliminate visible footprints. It is a hunting move, so if your cat does that, just know that it’s predatory instincts are at work once again or it is about to pounce on prey.


When your cat carries his tail up high, it feels on top of the world, confident, and happy. Your cat might perform this action after inhaling catnip, or eating. Either way, just know that your cat is happy at the moment, and it is the best time for you to have fun with him. 


It is general knowledge that adult cats only meow at humans, but why? According to the ASPCA, the reason is because its a more effective means of communication with humans then nonverbal cues. They meow to greet, gain attention, or to ask for help, but only exclusively at humans. Kittens meow at their mothers because all they need at the moment can be provided by them, but when they grow a little older, they stop meowing at other cats. 


Cats love to snuggle up to their owners, it’s like a cute, petty way of gaining attention, and it works most of the time. They might also be rubbing their heads against you in an attempt to seal the relationship between you two since they have sweat glands on their cheeks that produce certain chemicals that smell. If your cat rubs her head against you, it’s a symbol that she loves you and never wants to part with you. 


This is another feline action deeply rooted in predatory instincts, and it is a symbol that almost every cat displays during their lifetime. They bring dead animals to you as a gift, kind of like an offering and a way of teaching you their ways in the wild. Your cat might not have spent any time in the wild, but it just feels like it should give you part of its kill because you’re family and it wants to teach you how to hunt. It is just like they do to their kittens in the wild. 


This is one of those cute actions cats engage in that just makes you stare at them in awe. It is a common behavior and almost every cat owner has experienced it with their cat, so you’re not alone in this. They see it as a way of telling you they love you and want to spend time with you. Most times, they purr simultaneously as they knead and it is a truly amazing thing to see. They may also knead their paws on you as a sign of happiness and safety with you. 


Cats make the open mouth face as a technique of enhancing their nasal receptors in tracking certain things such as their kittens, food, or prey. It is called the flehmen response/position and they do it to allow scents to reach a major sensory organ known as the vomeronasal organ located in the roofs of their mouths. If you notice your cat doing that, just pause for a moment and let it complete the process, it could be tracking something important. 


You must’ve noticed your cat, or a cat lying peacefully in a box and showing some reluctance to come out of it, even though it seems like they need more space. Cats naturally love confined spaces; it is a predatory thing for them. In the wild, they love to hide, and maintain stealth when hunting or to protect themselves from other animals. They see boxes as a safe zone since it shields them from the eyes of potential predators, plus it keeps them warm. 


Cats have hundreds of spines on their tongues as part of an evolutionary growth to help them become better predators and to help them keep clean. Their barbed tongues help to hold on to their prey when they hunt- it makes them better killers. Just like other animals, cats use their tongues to clean their bodies. The spines on their tongues, also known as papillae have hollow spaces containing saliva which aids the cleaning process.


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