22 Rare Historic Photos That We Couldn’t Show Until Now

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There are many images throughout history that people view as iconic. These are images you can find in textbooks on history or even at museums and galleries around the world. What we have here is a list of historical photos that you won’t find just anywhere. These are historical photos that are rare and chances are you haven’t seen most of these.

1. The Filming of the MGM Opening Credits
Everyone knows this iconic lion roar, but most people have never seen the image behind the clip.

2. Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd Inaugural Address
This photo was taken on March 4, 1865 at the inaugural address. The interesting thing about this image is that John Wilkes Booth is in the image here. He is on the top row of the platform in the center.

3. Navigation Hotline
This picture was taken in 1963 and shows a navigation hotline before people had Google Maps to rely on.

4. Oil Crisis
During the oil crisis of 1973, gas was so sparse that the highways were pretty much empty. As you can see in this picture, they were so empty people could have picnics on the highway.

5. The Seal of Tutankhamen’s Tomb
The tomb of Tutankhamen was found in 1922. Here you can see the seal on the tomb which had remained in tact for 3000 years.

6. Jackie Mitchell
Jackie Mitchell is the only woman in history to strike out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehring.

7. The Only Living Photo Known of a Quagga
This was taken at the London Zoo in 1870 and is the only image known of this now extinct species.

8. Water Skiing Elephant
This is Queenie and in 1950 she became the first elephant to ever water surf.

9. Phone Tower
We may think about our wireless networks today, but back in 1890 this is what the phone tower in Stockholm looked like.

10. Golden Gate Bridge
This picture was taken in 1935 while the Golden Gate Bridge was still under construction.

11. Nagasaki During Atomic Blast
Here you can see the atomic bomb level Nagasaki in 1945.

12. The Venice Canals
This was taken in 1956 while the canals were being drained and cleaned.

13. Bike Riding on the Eiffel Tower

Here you can see a man riding his bike out of the Eiffel Tower back in 1923.

14. The Secret Bunker Where Hitler Committed Suicide
Here you can see the small bunker where Hitler ended his life.

15. Queen Elizabeth During World War II
While there is not a date on this image, it is a rare picture of the Queen during her military service during World War II.

16. Returning From the War

Here you can see soldiers returning from World War II in 1945 on a ship.

17. Russian Spy During World War II
This picture was taken in 1939 in Finland. Here you can see a Russian spy about to be executed and laughing through it.

18. Photo on the Moon
In 1972 astronaut Charles Duke was part of the Apollo 16 moon mission took this picture of him and his family to the moon and left it there. He took a picture of the image and it is still on the moon’s surface.

19. The Announcement of World War I and Hitler’s Reaction
Here you can see the crowd gathered for the announcement of World War I back in 1914. In the magnification you can see Hitler’s expression in response to the announcement.

20. The World’s Smallest Storefront
This was taken in London in 1900 and shows the smallest storefront.

21. The Aftermath of the Titanic
Here you can see victims being recovered from the Titanic and a Priest praying over them.

22. Albert Einstein Poses with Native Americans
This photo was taken in 1922 and shows Einstein meeting with a Native American tribe.


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