15 Insane Photos from the Disco Era

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The 70’s were a weird time for those who were unable to live through it. For the individuals who got to experience it on full blast, they had some crazy and wild times.

Thankfully, we can look back on the disco era and view some insane photos that define what partying in the 70’s was all about.

Losing Your Cool

The disco era was all about being loud and vibrant through style and a new electronic beat. Some individuals just couldn’t take in the full experience without losing their grip. The girl in the photo is clearly under dressed for the occasion and might be experiencing her first real party. Notice the gentleman in the blue shirt has a look on his face that says: “Oh ? this girl is about to lose it!”

Grandma Likes to Boogie

Studio 52 was known as the place be in the 70s. This photo was taken in 1978 of a woman known as “disco granny.” Sporting her Converse shoes and wide-brimmed shades, granny sure knew how to liven up a party.

Take Me to the Fun House

Studio 54 was owned by CBS Television and was known as the upscale place for actors, writers, and anyone with money to party until the morning hours. The Fun House was another huge disco joint that opened their doors to the free-spirited. This particular photo was taken in 1978, and the couple dancing is showing what freedom is all about.

Short Shorts and Gym Socks

It wasn’t strange for aspiring actors, models, and other artsy individuals to become employed at Studio 54. This particular bus boy is showing what he’s got while wearing the classic shorts and striped socks. Most likely he was a model or an actor looking to pick up a gig while making his hourly wage.

Smoking Everywhere? Not Just in the Boys Room

Smoking in public was not only acceptable in the 70s, it was practically encouraged. A cigarette was just another piece to add to the overall ensemble one was looking to create. This disc-jockey was enjoying a smoke break while letting the records spin at the same time.

Bedazzle My Leg

Bright lights, colors, and lots of shiny objects were all the rave during the disco era. This woman was obviously not going to miss out on the party, but she needed to dress her cast up to fit the mood and environment. Before there were bedazzle stones and gems, there was aluminum foil and glitter ? lots of glitter.

Gracie Jones

No one is for certain as to what she is wearing in this photo, but it nails her sense of style and personality right on the head. Jones was a performer, singer, and model who loved to push the envelope. She worked for fashion houses like Yves St. Laurent and Kenzo, before becoming a Studio 54 disco star. Clearly, she had a unique blend of creativity and style.

Hair was in Style

The late Robin Williams fit right into the 70s with his wild personality, a taste for partying, and of course his chest hair. This photo was taken in 1979 at Studio 54 with his then wife Valerie. Williams was the hottest thing in town as Mork and Mindy was at its peak.

Disco for the Young and the Old

This picture was taken at Studio 54 around 1978. The 70’s were a unique time in which gender, race and age were irrelevant when it came to getting down to a good beat. If the modern day era could learn anything from those disco days, it would have to be that music, drugs, and liquor can break down stereotypical barriers.

Three Amigos

Shortly after James Brown performed in 1979, this photo was taken with Brown, John Belushi, and Keith Richards. Keith recorded in his autobiography that him, his ex-wife and Belushi would regularly have some insane nights out clubbing. Sadly, John Belushi passed several years later from a drug overdose.

Dress to Impress

Creating wild and crazy outfits was just another normal item to check off the list before heading out to the disco clubs. From designer wear, to home-made creations ? there was never a shortage of designer art. In this case, a woman is dressed as a man with a full bowtie and hat to coordinate her outfit together.

Denim Before the 80’s

Not all disco era clothing was elegant, extravagant, and expensive. Disco was for all classes of people which is why The Village People were such a success. This gentleman clearly didn’t have much, so he took the denim he probably wore to work and changed it into a one of a kind look.


Not everything in the 1970s revolved around drugs. A huge attraction towards the whole disco scene was the freedom to be whoever you wanted to be. Naturally, this usually involved a pair of bellbottoms in the mix, but it also included the music and the atmosphere. Music was evolving and rapidly changing into a hundred different directions and the use of lights made the music ten times more enjoyable on the dance floor.

Disc Jockeys

Recently there has been a resurgence in electronic music and the use of disc jockeys. Those who are cashing in now can thank those not-so-well paid guys back in the disco era. Disco got its big start in cities like New York and Philadelphia, which as you can see from this photo that these guys are not from Texas.

A Horse is a Horse Of Course

Legend states that on May 2 of 1977, Bianca Jagger made a worthy entrance on the back of a horse. Bianca claims it wasn’t her idea, but that of the owner club, Steve Rubell. Whatever the truth is, she is clearly soaking up all the attention whether she liked it or not.


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