How Much Do These 10 Celebs Pay For Home Insurance?

We love celebrities, and love to imagine what it would be like to live in their gigantic mansions. What we fail to take into account are the costs associated with living in such places. How much would the monthly water bill be, or the electric bill? How much would it cost to pay the chefs, the maids, the landscapers, and the pool guys? And finally, how much would it cost to pay the annual homeowners’ insurance costs? Here’s a list of what 10 of your favorite celebrities are paying for home insurance that will make you grateful for your own comparatively minuscule rates!

1. Matt Damon – He might pay more for home insurance than anyone else on this list, since he owns multiple homes in high risk areas like Florida, New York, and Los Angeles. Florida has the hurricanes, Southern California has the threat of wildfires every year, and New York, well, is New York! He could pay anywhere from half a million to $1 million dollars each year!

2. Ellen DeGeneres – This celebrity published a book in 2015 describing 5 of her former and present houses. There’s the beautiful ranch house located near Hollywood, a Tuscan villa located in Santa Barbara, and adjacent condos in Los Angeles. These places all have one thing in common – California – and that’s where everyone pays heavily for insurance because of earthquake and fires. One house Ellen shared with Portia DeRossi in 2007 cost the star $750 thousand a year in home insurance.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio – This star pays upwards of $475 thousand a year for home insurance at his California mansion, and most of that cost is because of the hundreds of windows. Windows in earthquake country could all shatter because of a 6 second quake, and that means weeks and weeks of glaziers necessary to replace every damaged pane and frame.

4. Rihanna – Rihanna’s eclectic house which looked like a factory or an office building, high on a Hollywood hill, recently sold to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen for $14 million. Even though it was built of mostly fireproof materials, Rihanna still had to pay a hefty home insurance price tag of $300 thousand a year because of all the expensive personal property she stored inside the place.

5. Beyonce and Jay-Z – This super couple have a lavish spread in New York, and take advantage of the East Coast’s more reasonable home insurance rates. Compared to some of their peers, their insurance is a steal at only $150,000.

6. Seth Rogan – Born in Vancouver, Canada, Seth is one smart cookie. He chose a house that’s still in L.A., but in a safe neighborhood far from the fire and earthquake infested areas of California that require enormous quantities of home insurance. Seth only pays about $25,000 a year for his place.

7. Steven Tyler – Steven Tyler’s lived the good life, striking it rich as the “Demon of Screamin” of Aerosmith, and he enjoys an apparently limitless amount of energy. His mansion in New Hampshire is said to cost close to $1 million a year to insure, because it’s close to a lake that’s prone to flooding. Hopefully his newer home in Hawaii is far away from the areas threatened by volcanoes!

8. Ed O’Neill – The former star of Married with Children and current member of the cast of Modern Family pays home insurance costs of about $40 thousand a year, and that’s mostly because the house has a ginormous window on top of it, and enough other windows so that the ambience is like living in a tropical forest.

9. Justin Bieber seems to be renting nowadays, but back when he owned a Southern California mansion, he paid at least $500 thousand a year because of the high risk of fire in the neighborhood.

10. Steve Carell’s huge complex of a house runs the star about $175 thousand – and that’s cheap because the builder made some smart choices related to fireproofing the house.