From Gorgeous to Gross – Celebrities Drug Addictions

Jael Strauss

Jael Strauss

 Strauss strutted her stuff in front of Tyra Banks on the 8th season of America’s Top Model, but her days of modeling were short lived. She became addicted to meth and cocaine and spent six years homeless. She entered rehab in 2012 with the help of Dr. Phil.

Jamie Lynn drugs

Jamie Lynn France

2009 Miss Teen Oregon traded the beauty crown for a needle. Her looks quickly diminished as she used herion and meth.

Daniella Westbrook

Daniella Westbrook drugs

Daniella Westbrook

 Daniella was a famous British soap actress in EastEnders before she suffered irreparable damage to her nasal septum due to excessive cocaine use.



Lisa Robin Kelly Drugs

Lisa Robin Kelly

That 70’s Show actress Lisa Robin Kelly abruptly left the show in season 3 because of alcohol problems. She returned in season 5, but her drug addiction had progressed. She died from drug intoxication in 2013.