What These 70’s Stars Look Like Now is Unbelievable

What These 70’s Stars Look Like Now is Unbelievable

GOLDIE HAWN THEN Goldie Hawn had carved a niche in the world of glamor as the coveted actor on Rowan & Martin’s “Laugh-In” in the ’60s. By the next decade, she was cast in roles of films such as Butterflies Are Free and Shampoo. By 1979, she was declared as a box office flop in movies like Lovers & Liars. She regained her image in the ’80s. »

23 Rare Historic Photos That We Couldn’t Show Until Now

23 Rare Historic Photos That We Couldn’t Show Until Now

There are many images throughout history that people view as iconic. These are images you can find in textbooks on history or even at museums and galleries around the world. What we have here is a list of historical photos that you won’t find just anywhere. These are historical photos that are rare and chances are you haven’t seen most of these. 1. The Filming of the MGM Opening Credit... »

Copenhagen clever ad

10 Extremely Creative Advertisements


Just Pal’ing Around – Animal Best Friends

Just Pal’ing Around – Animal Best Friends

Owen and Mzee Owen, a baby hippo, was separated from his mother during a tsunami in 2004. He was brought to the Haller Park Rescue Center on the Kenyan coast where he met Mzee, a 130-year-old tortoise. They palled around for two years before Owen was moved to a separate enclosure, due to his size and concerns for Mzee’s safety. »

Tana Toraja – Elaborate Funeral Rituals

Tana Toraja – Elaborate Funeral Rituals

In the lush, tropical region of Tana Toraja, Indonesia, the Toraja people make a living cultivating rice, cacao, coffee, and clove. They identify as Christians, but practice animist—the belief that souls and spirits exist. Outsiders are fascinated by the Torajan’s grandiose funerals and burials. A funeral for a deceased relative is usually not held soon after the death, as is traditional in Wester... »

Most isolate spot, indigenous tribes

Most Isolated People in the World

North Sentinel Island Located West of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in the Bay of Bengal, lies the North Sentinel Island—famous for being inhabited by the most isolated people in the world.  The North Sentinel Island is 28 square miles, heavily forested, and surrounded by coral reefs.  Little is known about the Sentinelese tribe who are thought to have lived on the island for 60,000 years.  Sev... »

Salton Sea, Chair

Salton Sea – Miracle in the Desert

Salton Sea – A Miracle in the Desert Deep in the California desert, an hour from the Mexico border, lies the largest lake in California- The Salton Sea. Engineers trying to increase water-flow to farmers in the area accidentally created the Salton Sea in 1905. The engineers made a cut in the Colorado River, which flowed into an ancient dry lakebed in the desert. Two years later, the problem ... »

usa table manners

Cuisine Culture – Eating quirks from around the globe

Discovering new food and indulging in different cultural dining habits is one of the greatest parts of traveling.  Click through to see the unique cuisine habits of seven countries. England The land of hearty pot pies and gravy soaked chips has a few dining quirks. Perhaps one of the oddest, is eating a banana with a knife and fork.  A banana is the ultimate grab & go snack, so seeing it prope... »

homeless, dog, solutions

Innovative new solutions for the homeless

Some very crafty and creative individuals have been coming up with great solutions to provide shelter or income for the homeless.  Housetrike Bas Sprakel, a dutch artist, designed the Housetrike–a cargo bike that transforms into a small secure shelter.  The shelter locks from the inside and even has two lovely port windows.  This wonderful design provides transportation, storage, and shelter... »

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