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Who are these famous cocktails named after?

Ever wonder why and how your favorite cocktail got it’s name? Check out these five famous cocktails and the history behind their names. Bobby Burns Recipe: 2-oz. Scotch Whiskey 3/4 –oz. Sweet Vermouth ½-oz. Benedictine History:  The famous whiskey cocktail, Bobby Burns, was named for Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Most consider Robert Burns the national poet of Scotland and the pioneer of the ... »

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The KING of Bloody Marys

Sobleman’s, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for its great burgers and bloody marys.  They take the cocktail to the next level by topping it with a buffet of hangover-fighting foods. The Masterpiece is topped with a variety of the usual bloody mary treats AND a famous Sobleman’s burger—a slider, but still!  If that sounds spartan, upgrade to The Beast, which consists of the base bloody mary, PLUS... »

spicy grilled cheese recipe

Grilled Cheese with a KICK!


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Kitchen Tip #2 – Olive Bar Assistance

It is a struggle to cook and buy food for two.  Often you end up with too much food or don’t want to bother with a complicated recipe for just the two of you.  A great way to fancify a meal is to hit the olive bar at the local grocery store!  Usually the olive bar contains much more then just olives including peppadew, sundried tomatoes, and roasted garlic to zest up any pasta, sandwich or b... »

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Kitchen Tip #1 – The Difference a Knife Makes

  A good knife makes all the difference when chopping up veggies, fruit, meat etc.  It’s unbelievable how much easier it makes cooking!  Below are a few of my  favorite knifes at reasonable prices!      Victorinox 4″ Serrated Paring Knife Did you know Swiss Army makes cutlery too? They do and it is fantastic. The 4″ serrated paring knife is perfect for quickly cutt... »