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spicy grilled cheese recipe

Grilled Cheese with a KICK!


olive bar

Kitchen Tip #2 – Olive Bar Assistance

It is a struggle to cook and buy food for two.  Often you end up with too much food or don’t want to bother with a complicated recipe for just the two of you.  A great way to fancify a meal is to hit the olive bar at the local grocery store!  Usually the olive bar contains much more then just olives including peppadew, sundried tomatoes, and roasted garlic to zest up any pasta, sandwich or b... »

NFL suspended

Bad Start to the Season – NFL players suspended

The NFL’s 95th season kicks off this Thursday, and, ALREADY, quite a few players have been suspended.  Click through and take a look at who will be watching from the bench. Aldon Smith Aldon is a linebacker who joined the San Francisco 49ers in 2011.  Aldon is no stranger to discipline, with arrests for driving under the influence, illegal possession of an assault weapon, and possession of marijua... »

buddy list, door slamming, door opening

Blast From the Past – Best AIM Features

AOL instant messenger(AIM) was introduced in 1997 and rose to popularity quickly.  It was one of the first social networks with the ability to message friends and family.  It was before young people had cellphones and was the perfect way to talk to friends and crushes privately, without worrying about a sibling listening in.  Many of today’s popular social networks take features from AIM (emoticon... »

Crazy Closets – Wardrobes of the Rich

Crazy Closets – Wardrobes of the Rich

Kardashians With a family of six fashionistas plus Kanye West, AND Bruce Jenner, who is allegedly turning into a woman, it is NO surprise that the Kardashians have enormous closets.  Keeping up with the Kardashians, more like Keeping up with the Laundry! »

Victorinox Knife cutting

Kitchen Tip #1 – The Difference a Knife Makes

  A good knife makes all the difference when chopping up veggies, fruit, meat etc.  It’s unbelievable how much easier it makes cooking!  Below are a few of my  favorite knifes at reasonable prices!      Victorinox 4″ Serrated Paring Knife Did you know Swiss Army makes cutlery too? They do and it is fantastic. The 4″ serrated paring knife is perfect for quickly cutt... »

Athletes Bizarre Sports Rituals

Athletes Bizarre Sports Rituals

Serena Williams American professional tennis player, Serena Williams is ranked number 1 in women’s singles.  Can she attribute this success to her strict pre-game routine?  Check out what Serena does before a game…. Brings shower sandals to the tennis court Ties her shoes a specific way Bounces the ball 5 times before her first serve Bounces the ball 2 times before her second serve Wears the same ... »

wolf-dog, kirsten stewart

In from the Wild – 7 Celebs with Exotic Pets

Reese Witherspoon + Donkeys Actress Reese Witherspoon is super-southern and proud of it!  She grew up in Nashville, played country music star Johnny Cash’s wife, June Carter in the film, Walk the Line, and named her third child, Tennessee.  So it is not surprising to learn she has two pet donkey’s named Honky and Tonky.  Hee-Haw, Hee-Haw! »

nicole kidman scared, screaming

What Has These Celebs Screaming? – 6 Odd Celebrity Phobias

Billy Bob Thornton – Antique Furniture He will wear a locket of his lover’s blood around his neck (as he did while dating ex-girlfriend Angelina Jolie), but don’t dare put him in a room with a big, dusty antique chair!  Film industry man, Billy Bob Thornton, is creeped out by antique furniture, specifically Louis XIV era furniture with gold-carved wood and velvet cushions. »

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