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World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites

World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suites

Hotel President Wilson Location: Geneva, Switzerland Room: Royal Penthouse Suite Price: $62,168 At the southern tip of Lake Geneva, sits the Hotel President Wilson which contains one of the most luxurious and expensive hotel suites in the world.  The Royal Penthouse Suite can be rented for $62,168 per night.  Plan on splitting the cost with a friend, or a dozen friends, to fill the massive suite’s... »

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Who are these famous cocktails named after?

Ever wonder why and how your favorite cocktail got it’s name? Check out these five famous cocktails and the history behind their names. Bobby Burns Recipe: 2-oz. Scotch Whiskey 3/4 –oz. Sweet Vermouth ½-oz. Benedictine History:  The famous whiskey cocktail, Bobby Burns, was named for Scottish poet Robert Burns.  Most consider Robert Burns the national poet of Scotland and the pioneer of the ... »

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The KING of Bloody Marys

Sobleman’s, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is known for its great burgers and bloody marys.  They take the cocktail to the next level by topping it with a buffet of hangover-fighting foods. The Masterpiece is topped with a variety of the usual bloody mary treats AND a famous Sobleman’s burger—a slider, but still!  If that sounds spartan, upgrade to The Beast, which consists of the base bloody mary, PLUS... »

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Celebrities with Criminal Parents

Lindsay Lohan  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, or in Lindsay and Michael’s case, the gavel doesn’t fall far from the Lohan.  American actress, Lindsay Lohan was just launching her young career when her Wall Street trader father was first jailed for criminal contempt of court while being investigated for insider trading.  Michael spent three years in the slammer, with five years probation... »

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Salton Sea – Miracle in the Desert

Salton Sea – A Miracle in the Desert Deep in the California desert, an hour from the Mexico border, lies the largest lake in California- The Salton Sea. Engineers trying to increase water-flow to farmers in the area accidentally created the Salton Sea in 1905. The engineers made a cut in the Colorado River, which flowed into an ancient dry lakebed in the desert. Two years later, the problem ... »

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8 Celebrities Who Have Been Shot

Akon American R&B singer/rapper, Akon alludes to trouble in many of his songs and albums, including Locked Up (his first single and initial claim to fame).  Danger hit close to home in 2005, when Akon took a bullet from a drive-by shooting that killed his manager, Robert Montanez.  Akon was shot in the shoulder and survived. »

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Cuisine Culture – Eating quirks from around the globe

Discovering new food and indulging in different cultural dining habits is one of the greatest parts of traveling.  Click through to see the unique cuisine habits of seven countries. England The land of hearty pot pies and gravy soaked chips has a few dining quirks. Perhaps one of the oddest, is eating a banana with a knife and fork.  A banana is the ultimate grab & go snack, so seeing it prope... »

Castle For Sale – A nice place to raise a family

Castle For Sale – A nice place to raise a family

Looking for your first home?  Thinking of starting a family?  Well look no further, this $45 million dollar castle in Woodstock, Connecticut is the perfect place.  The little ones will love playing with the drawbridge and driving remote control boats around the moat.  Just imagine how long hide ‘n seek could last as you scramble around 18,777 square feet.  When the weather turns cold and you... »

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Whoa! Check out these Celebrity Face Swaps

For a good laugh, check out the celebrity face swap tumblr (  Here are some of the best ones!  With Scott’s maturity level, it might be better if Mason was the father figure! »

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Innovative new solutions for the homeless

Some very crafty and creative individuals have been coming up with great solutions to provide shelter or income for the homeless.  Housetrike Bas Sprakel, a dutch artist, designed the Housetrike–a cargo bike that transforms into a small secure shelter.  The shelter locks from the inside and even has two lovely port windows.  This wonderful design provides transportation, storage, and shelter... »

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